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Wishes - 2 oz box
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for dogs and cats

Wishes™ are the perfect grain-free treats made with 100% wild caught haddock. Like Ice Pups, they can be fed to both cats and dogs. Wishes are naturally high in protein while low in fat and carbohydrates so they make a healthy addition to your pet's diet.

Wishes are made with just 1 ingredient and have no fillers or artificial additives. Haddock is a clean white fish that's naturally very low in fat so you can serve a few small pieces without a risk of packing on the pounds.

Wishes come as large, dehydrated fish fillets that can be snapped into smaller pieces for your dogs or cats. Use them as a general reward or aid to training.

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Written by Anne | 1/9/14

My dog and cat both LOVE wishes. When Cinders hears the bag being opened she comes running.

Written by Dee | 11/24/13

My dog goes banana's for these treats.

Warning: these treats are extremely stinky to humans, but UH.MAY.ZING for our pups - they are perfect as a high value reward for agility, crate or exposure training.

Written by Mary Katherine | 11/22/13

ALL our pets love Wishes! They all come running when they hear the bag opening, both dogs and cats. They all wait for their own piece of treat. What's nice about the product is its easy to break up into whatever size each pet needs or can eat in a bite or two. The cats obviously get smaller bits than the big dogs. I also like knowing that this is a treat that is good for them. My nephew makes jokes about the stinky fish smell, but he's right there to help hand out bits to all the pets. Our old lady cat, Akila, is 20-years-old and even she loves Wishes. I like being able to give her bitsy pieces and crumbles of the dried fish. I know it's not helping their breath, but I do know it's helping their bodies. That makes it more than worth it for me.

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Dehydrated haddock

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 84.0%
Fat, 0.8%
Fiber, 0.2%
Moisture, 8.0%